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Microsoft Windows Azure - Cloud computing training and on job support | Microsoft online/Class room training offers

Microsoft Windows Azure training and on job support - New batch starts on 17-April-2017

For Details: Call Mr. Vivek on +91 891 901 5125 or send email to :

Trainer name: Karthic. 10+ years of experience in Microsoft technologies

Online Training: SKype or GotoMeeting or Team Viewer or Google Hangout

Class room training location: Hyderabad 

Course Content:

Introducing Windows Azure
         Why cloud computing?
         What is PaaS?
         What is SaaS?
         What is IaaS?
         Windows Azure
         Lap around the platform

Considerations and Azure architecture and tools
         Demo: Windows Azure
         Windows Azure AppFabric
         Demo: Windows Azure AppFabric
         Considerations and Azure architecture and tools
         Azure Architecture
         Development tools
         Visual Studio tools
         Demo: Visual Studio tools
         Developer fabric
         Demo: Developer fabric
         Deployment, management and SDK tools
         Demo: Command line tools
         Community tools

Introducing  Azure Resource Manager
         Introducing ARM templates
         Demo: ARM templates
         Creating  VMs and AVSets using ARM Templates
         Creating  Multiple VMs  with ILB(Internal Load Balancer) and ELB(Eaternal  Load Balancer).
         Creating Infrastructure for Frontend and backend servers with ARM templates.

Moving a web application to Azure
         Moving to SQL Azure
         Moving the web application
         Enterprise Service Bus
         Azure Service Bus
         Demo: Azure Service Bus
         Access Control Service
         Demo: Access Control Service
         Demo: Caching
         AppFabric Composition
         Where can I use this?

Querying and manipulating data using Entity Framework
         ADO.NET overview
         Creating an entity data model
         Querying data
         Manipulating data
         Demonstration: Creating a data access layer using Entity Framework

Creating WCF services
         Advantages of creating services with WCF
         Creating and implementing a contract
         Configuring and hosting WCF services
         Consuming WCF services
         Demonstration: Creating and consuming the WCF service

Designing and extending WCF services
         Applying design principles to service contracts
         Handling distributed transactions
         WCF pipeline architecture
         Extending the WCF pipeline
         Demonstration: Designing and extending WCF services

Implementing Security in WCF services
         Explanation of WCF Web role
         Using EF and ADO.NET examples on Role
         Demo on Role

Implementing Web Role
         Explanation of  Web role using various .net templates
         Using EF and ADO.NET examples on Role
         Demo on Role
         Developing sample Applications


Implementing Worker  Role
         Explanation of  Worker Role
         Demo on Role
         Developing sample Applications


Implementing Azure App service
         Explanation of  App Service
         Demo on Service
         Developing sample Applications
         Creating the App Service Plan
         Azure options for app service


Implementing Azure Web Job
         Explanation of  Web Job
         Demo on Job
         Developing sample Applications
         Creating the App Service Plan
         Azure options for job

Windows Azure Service Bus
         Introduction Windows Azure Service Bus
         What kind of problems WASB Solves?
         Windows Azure Service Bus Relays
         Windows Azure Service Bus Queues
         Windows Azure Service Bus Topics
         Demonstration: Windows Azure Service Bus Relays |Topics | Queues

Azure Startup tasks
         Introduction Azure startup tasks
         Explaining different kinds of  startup tasks
         Demo on Startup task
         Deploying the application in the cloud using startup tasks


·         Server Affinity
  • Introduction to Azure Server Affinity
  • Creating the application using Server Farm and ARR
  • Demo on Server Affinity


Traffic Manager
         Introduction to Traffic Manager
         Explaining of various load balancing methods
         Demo on traffic manager
         Developing an application and deployment in cloud and testing the same application.


Hosting services
         Hosting services on-premises
         Hosting services in Windows Azure
         Demonstration: Hosting Services

Deploying Services
         Creating and deploying Web Application packages
         Command-line tools for web deployment packages
         Deploying to Windows Azure
         Continuous delivery with TFS and GIT
         Best practices for production deployment
         Demonstration: Deploying services

Windows Azure Storage
         Introduction to Windows Azure storage
         Windows Azure Blob Storage
         Windows Azure Table Storage
         Windows Azure Queue Storage
         Windows Azure Drive Storage
         Restricting access to Windows Azure Storage
         Demonstration: Windows Azure Storage

SQL Azure
         SQL Azure concepts
         Demonstration: Working with SQL Azure
         Data synchronization
         Demonstration: Syncing on-premise to Azure

Identity management and access control
         Claim-based identity concepts
         Access Control Service
         Configuring services to use federated identities
         Handling federated identities in the client side
         Identity management and access control

Overview on Azure Deployment Concepts                          
         Local Redundancy  
         Read-only Geo-Redundancy               

Real time Application development and work shop

Advanced Topics                             
         Internet of Things - IoT          
         Stream Analytics

Duration: 50 Days       
  *       Classroom Training Fee17000/- INR       
  *       Online Training Fee:  20,000/- INR